Vietnamese Art

Vietnamese Lacquer Painting Hit : 190

The principal material for pumice lacquer painting is Vietnamese lacquer, used to lacquer cultural objects and current usage articles.

Vietnamese Oil Painting Hit : 185

After the restoration of peace, Tran Van Can produced a canvas retying the rope of the irrigation scoop, which was a creation of high professional level he had long mastered.

Vietnamese Paper Painting Hit : 196

Among the Vietnamese plastic arts, wood engraving is a long standing traditional one. We have inherited from our ancients from Dong Ho village a valuable tradition of wood engraving in color.

Contemporary Vietnamese Art at a Glimpse Hit : 166

It is not very long since Vietnamese Art in general and contemporary Vietnamese art in particular emerged from unrecognizable thing - I'd rather say anonymity - to have its say on the world's art scene.

An overview of Vietnamese Art from early time to date Hit : 226

Compared to other Asian countries, and according to several art commentators, Vietnam was the earliest to merge into the main stream of modern art, as defined by the West, in both form and content. Such a fact can be easily seen with the coming into existence of Ecole Des Beaux Arts (Indochina's School of Fine Art) in the early 1930s, with the presence of professors from France.

The Vietnamese Art Phases Hit : 184

Covers the most important phrases of Vietnamese Art through time.

Dong Ho Painting Hit : 212

Dong Ho Painting is a kind of Vietnamese folk painting originating in Dong Ho Village in Song Ho Commune, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province. Dong Ho paintings have about 300 years of history in the north of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Silk Painting Hit : 188

The traditional Vietnamese art of silk painting has become famous around the world for its simple poetic themes and vibrant colors.

The Current Vietnamese Contemporary Art Hit : 177

Since the 1950s, installation and performance are two branches of contemporary art that have become important facets of mainstream art. Vietnam’s modern artists, forever innovators, are at the forefront of expanding installation and performance art into new realms.