Hanoi to serve up first-ever int’l street food festival 5498

The Vietnam Tourism Association has announced it will sponsor the first-ever international street food festival in Hanoi, which will run April 6-9 and coincide with Vietnam International Travel Mart 2017.

Moss of the Ma River – a unique dish in Son La 6016

Moss is not only something that grows on the rocks around Son La but also a unique dish of the region. Moss is taken from underwater rocks in the Ma River and then turned into tasty grilled or fried dishes.

Top five Hanoi markets for street food 5941

Thai sweet soup in Nam Dong market, pillow-shaped cakes, and steamed meat rice cakes in Nghia Tan market are well-known dishes of each residential area.

A taste of southern cuisine: keo fish hotpot 1388

With an abundance of seafood, southerners have created a wide variety of dishes featuring fish in various modes - stewed fish, grilled fish, fermented fish, fish vermicelli and, of course, the ubiquitous fish sauce.

The art of making Banh Tet La Cam 945

Banh Tet La Cam is the traditional violet sticky rice cake of the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho. Let's take a tour to see how it is made.

Bac Kan specialties 738

Pac Ngoi Village in Nam Mau Commune, Bac Kan province, is one of just a few places where the traditional customs of the Tay minority ethnic group are still practiced.

Khoai cake (stuffed omelette) 738

Unlike the abovementioned cakes, khoai cake contains many ingredients and goes through totally different processing procedures.

Pho with beef meatballs among best street foods in Asia 806

Pho bo vien thap cam (Vietnamese noodle soup with mixed beef meatballs) in Ho Chi Minh City has been described as the best street food in Asia by Australia’s Traveller website.

Harking back to the 70s in a quiet alley 799

Authentic southern Vietnamese preparations delight the palate at a HCM City restaurant ruled by family recipe.

Ly Quoc Su – A Hanoi's street for good food 770

On a small street of Hanoi like Ly Quoc Su, tourists are able to enjoy beef noodle soup, pillow- shaped cakes, fruit beams, jam, grilled fermented rolls and ice tea with lemon.
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