Many expectations for business after high-level forum on tourism

With over 1500 guests attending 30 speakers, 500 CEOs and CIOs, 300 travel experts, 100 newspapers, media outlets ..... These are impressive figures for the High Level Forum on Organizational Tourism. in Hanoi in December 2018.

Vietnam tourism in recent years has leaped: international visitors increased by 30%; a series of resort projects are invested, built; Many world-class amusement parks and entertainment centers have appeared, many enterprises and corporations inside and outside the country.

However, as a key economic sector of the country, the tourism sector has many opportunities for comprehensive development but also faces many challenges in the economic and political context of Vietnam and the world. there are many changes associated with the transition of the traditional economy to the digital economy. And is subjected to the tremendous impact of the 4.0 technology revolution.

To find solutions and strategies to restructure the industry and develop Vietnam's tourism to 2030 towards quality, sustainability. High-level forum on tourism was held in two days 5 and 6/12, last in Hanoi.

 Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam delivered the opening speech
 Cooperation with tourism development
 Aviation infrastructure needs to be accommodated to facilitate tourism development
 Discussion on sustainable tourism development
  Plenary session 
 Honor the business, tourism union
 Speech by international delegates
The objective of the forum is to find a solution that will contribute to boosting the direct GDP contribution of tourism from 5,5% in 2017 to 12% in 2022 by 2022; create 3 million direct jobs and 2.5 million indirect jobs; strongly attracting investment capital both at home and abroad; Raising the competitiveness of Vietnam tourism.

The focus of discussion at the forum is: Vietnam's tourism development quality, sustainable - Vision 2030. The need to restructure the sector and develop Vietnam tourism towards sustainable quality. With key tasks: Promoting and promoting national tourism; Improve visa policy; Improve the capacity of destination management; Aerospace infrastructure; Attract foreign investment; Human resources; Application of technology for tourism development and management; Environment and quality management of the destination. Delegates will provide input on improving the capacity of the national tourism authority, attracting foreign investment for tourism, destination marketing and infrastructure. air.

 Infrastructure is an important factor for sustainable tourism development
High consensus in cooperation with sustainable tourism development
Delegates participate in virtual reality experience
 Agreement and cooperation agreement
The forum is sponsored by major tourism groups such as:, Muong Thanh Group, Novaland Group, Hoi An Development Company (Hoiana), BIM Land BIM Group, Vietravel Transportation and Tourism. With the cooperation units, partners, other media cooperation units as Minh Long I, NDA group, Minor, Singapore Tourism, Tourism Australia, CNN, BCG, SLC, Air Asia, UNTWO, ... Special with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; The investment plan; Foreign Office; The transportation; Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Police...; representatives of provinces and cities; representing the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO); billionaires in tourism and real estate; tourism enterprises, domestic and international investment.
 One of the bases of One Member Limited Liability Company
 Rep. Tony Fernandes from South Australia talks about Destination Marketing
 A tourist tuors of Hoi An Development Limited Company (Hoiana)
 Representatives of domestic tourism enterprises report on solutions for sustainable development of Vietnamese tourism to 2030
 Companies, tourism companies promote the company and travel products for customers.
 Vietravel Transport and Travel Company
The forum is the first national meeting, dialogue and dialogue of the tourism industry; It is an opportunity for domestic and foreign enterprises and investors to comprehend more comprehensive national strategies, strategies as well as remaining issues and challenges for the development of Vietnamese tourism. Male. At the same time, it is also a chance for domestic corporations to find solutions to develop sustainable tourism in line with the country's economic, social and political conditions and the global trend. 4.0, and especially in line with the strength of the business. It is also a chance for businesses to promote, introduce their businesses, find partners, cooperate and develop.
 Hospitality Management will be one of the hot industry in the future
 Promoting tourism is a discussion in the forum
 One of the facilities of the Novaland Group 
 A thankful ceremony of customers of Vietravel Transport and Marketing
 BIM Land of BIM Group at the ceremony to announce the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam
BIM Land's headquarters belong to BIM Group
  One of the facilities of the Vietravel Transport and Travel
 Apartment and apartment complex of Muong Thanh Group - Linh Dam Peninsula - Hanoi

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