Vietnamese Culture Misc

Tale of Vietnamese Dragon Hit : 196

In Asian myths, no creature is as impressive as the dragon. For Vietnamese peasants, the dragon was a vivid symbol of the fourfold deity-clouds, rain, thunder and lighting.

Vietnamese Traditional Stilt Houses Hit : 174

Whatever their style and size, Vietnam's traditional stilt houses complement their natural settings. Simple and unimposing, these houses reflect the unique cultures of Vietnam's diverse ethnic groups.

Vietnamese traditional toys Hit : 152

Children learn by taking an imitation of whatever happens in the world around them. Children's games change with time. However, a glimpse into the country's traditional toys does give us an image of Vietnam's past culture.

Rice in Vietnam Hit : 145

Rice is an integral part of life in Vietnam. Vietnam is an agricultural country with eight out of ten Vietnamese living in rural areas and making their living by growing rice. Many Vietnamese people say their country looks like two rice baskets placed at two ends of a pole.

Beauty of the Ancient Architecture Hit : 166

Apart from Hoi An, Hanoi is Vietnam's only city where ancient streets can be found. These streets still keep the same appearance that they had at the end of 19th century. According to historical sources, they have been the true core of Thang Long since its foundation nearly a thousand years ago.

Paper Fan Hit : 161

In Vietnamese tradition, the paper fan was an indispensable item in times of yore, one of eight prized objects in every household - the others being a gourd bowl, a quill pen, a Ty Ba (four-string guitar), an orchid, a chess-set, a sword and a feather-duster.

Vietnamese Money Through Time Hit : 146

About Vietnamese Money fromancient time to date