Ethnic Groups

The Ede Ethnic Group Hit : 176

The Ede have long lived in the Tay Nguyen or high plateau region of central Vietnam. Traces of their origin are reflected in their epic poems, their architecture, and their popular arts. Up to today, the Ede community remains a society imprinted with matrilineal traditions.

The Bo Y Ethnic Group Hit : 141

The first Bo Y people traveled south to Vietnam from China about 150 years ago.

The Bahnar Hit : 199

The Bahnar are long-term inhabitants of Truong Son-Tay Nguyen central highlands. They have created a unique local culture and their own socio-culture identity.

The Thai Ethnic Group Hit : 152

The Thai originated from inland Southeast Asia where their ancestors have lived ancient times.

The Dao Hit : 150

Dao people originally came from China, immigrating between the 12th or 13th century and the early 20th century.

The Cham Hit : 151

The Cham, who have lived along the coast of central Vietnam for a long time, possess a rich culture profoundly influenced by Indian culture.

The H'mong Ethnic Group Hit : 163

Here we cover details information of the Hmong ethnic gorup with cultural characteristic also.

The Viet or Kinh Hit : 174

Since ancient times, the ancestors of the Viet had settled in Northern and central Vietnam. Throughout their history, the Viet have played an important of drawing together and uniting all the other ethnic groups to build up and to protect the nation.

The Hoa Ethnic Group in Vietnam Hit : 143

The Hoa have migrated to Vietnam in different periods since the 15th century.

San Diu Ethnic Group Hit : 187

The Sandiu ethnic group migrated to Vietnam about 300 years ago.