Business Culture

Gift and Gift-giving Customs in Vietnam Hit : 133

Gift giving is important in Vietnamese because of the significance of interpersonal relationships in Vietnamese culture.

Business Dress Hit : 157

In Vietnamese business culture, suits and ties in subdued colors are the norm. Bright color of any kind is not appropriate.

Addressing Vietnamese Hit : 143

Getting to know how to address Vietnamese in Vietnamese business culture.

Understanding Vietnamese Business Culture Hit : 169

Vietnam has been joining WTO, and it opens a lot of opportunities to foreign companies who want to do business with Vietnam. With the Vietnamese economy opening up, more and more foreign companies are wanted to investing in Vietnam. However in order to avoid cultural disasters which could make the wrong move in doing business with Vietnam, here are some tips on how you can conduct a more successful business in Vietnam.

Meetings Hit : 143

Meetings are considered very formal in Vietnam. It is not common to commit to meeting a long time in advance. In Vietnam the meeting will be confirmed at most one week prior to the appointment.