Myths and Legends

Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh Hit : 178

Vietnamese myths do not just recount what may be called the universal condition. They also have myths to explain their own situation in a tropical and monsoon land, and one such myth is the story of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh.

How the odd couple came to love each other Hit : 208

In this legend of the Kinh people, we discover why Bac Ninh province is home to so many responsible girls and wives.

The Origin of Tao Quan Hit : 170

There is a popular belief in Viet Nam that Tao Quan, the Three Kitchen Gods, are present in the kitchen of every home.

The Saint Giong Hit : 179

It was said that, under 6th King Hung dynasty, there was an old couple in Giong village. They were kind and worked very hard but having a child was still their wish. Once day the wife came to the field and happened to see a large footprint, she then tried

The story of Tam and Cam Hit : 169

Long, long ago there was a man who lost his wife and lived with his little girl named Tam. Then he married again a wicked woman.

Why Ducks Sleep Standing On One Leg Hit : 180

Many people must have wondered why ducks are accustomed to sleep in the funny way that they do - with one leg lifted. The Vietnamese have an interesting explanation for this.

The Price of Love Hit : 169

Once upon a time, there was a young Thai couple who had yet to have a child. Like anyone else in their hamlet, they worked hard to make ends meet. The wife became more and more beautiful soon after the marriage and so her husband loved her more and more as each day passed.

Sue God For Rain Hit : 187

Once upon a time, there was no rain for long, long time. The ground cracked all over, all plants withered, animals had to suffer from thirsty.

The golden ax Hit : 178

There was once a very poor man who lived near the forest. He was able to earn enough for a bare existence by cutting firewood, which his wife would barter for rice in the market place.

The story of Truong's wife Hit : 191

The temple to Truong's wife is located on the side of the Hoang river, village of Vu dien, district Ly Nhan, province of Ha Nam. Here is her story.