Vietnamese Clothing

Sole Sisters Hit : 129

One popular legend tells of a pair of stone clogs passed down for generations by a family in Cao Bang, high in Vietnam's northern mountains

The Making of Silk of Vietnamese Hit : 140

Diversified in colors, weave, and quality, various kinds of silk products all help highlight a distinctive feature of Vietnamese culture.

Conical Hat (or Non La) Hit : 153

According to ancient documents, the conical hat of Vietnam first appeared in Vietnam around the 13 century, during the Tran Dynasty.

Traditional Vietnamese clothing Hit : 138

In Vietnam, there are 54 ethnic groups, each having unique and specific styles of clothing. Traits often include splendid colors, seemingly contradicting one another in each outfit: black and red, blue and red or blue and white.

Ao dai – Piquancy of Hue Hit : 199

Sweep through Hue and the classic grace of women clad in ao dai will surely to make a lasting impression on you. But behind the beauty is a rich history, brimming with cultural significance.

The Beauty of Ao Dai Hue Hit : 198

Many people say that residents of Hue (the old imperial city of Vietnam during 1802-1945), from the members of reputed families to ordinary traders and retailers, are always decent in their speaking and gestures. Wearing an old Ao dai (traditional long dress) torn out with time, or made with luxurious velvet or silk, Hue women always retain their gracefulness and gentleness.

Traditional Ao Dai for Tet Hit : 154

Most Vietnamese people wear new clothes to celebrate Tet, or the Lunar new year, in order to promote a fresh beginning to the year. Although Western-style outfits are more convenient for daily chores, the traditional tunic, or ao dai, reappears each Tet. These tunics add to the festival’s formal atmosphere.

Ao Yem and its History Hit : 150

Images of graceful girls in national charming long dress have been a symbol of Vietnam. However, looking back the historic development of national dress, Vietnam not only has ao dai but also ao yem – the indispensable dress of ancient girls.

Impression of Vietnamese Southern Women Costumes Hit : 138

The costume of women in South Vietnam has gone through many stages of development, but still preserves its distinctive and unique imprints of the traditional culture.