It is a great delight for those who have a chance to visit Ma Rung Lu Quan, an inn located in the forest in the Central Highlands city of Dalat in Lam Dong Province.

Ma Rung Lu Quan is tens of kilometers away from Dalat downtown. From Dalat, tourists will take the route towards Suoi Vang, or Golden Stream.

Upon reaching a T-junction, tourists still have to cover a 2.5-kilometer journey on rough terrains to arrive at Ma Rung Lu Quan since the slippery road is eroded by heavy rains. Once arriving at the place, people will be amazed by the site’s romantic green space.

At first, Ma Rung Lu Quan was a small-scale holiday resort for a family but later it has become a popular destination for many tourists.

At the front of the inn, there is a small bridge over a pond and a sign board stating exemption of entrance fee for the elderly and children while other guests have to put VND10,000 each into a box.

Ma Rung Lu Quan has a humble area but it gives tourists a new feeling compared to other destinations in Dalat.

The lake there is a highlight of the site which is surrounded by grass and flowers and French-style lamps on some high wooden poles.

At the opposite of the lake, there is a purple house which reminds people of a fairy tale. Tourists can also admire other wooden houses in purple color nestled in the pine forest.

Along the lake, there are simple chairs with big umbrellas which are places for guests to take a rest or enjoy a drink and take photos.

Tourists might have a pleasant feeling to watch some cats lying under the sun to sleep or enjoy cool water at a stream nearby.